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Indeewari is the person behind the vision of Samagra. She was born and raised in Sri Lanka, a tropical island, known for its precious herbs, spices such as pepper, nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, sandalwood and cardamom, as well as Ceylon tea. Her culture has thousands of years of exposure to Ayurveda as a system of medicine. Her family meals were made from scratch, using variety of spices and herbs harvested from the native land. In Sri Lanka, they use roots, leaves, stems, flowers, fruits of herbs and spices in cooking and also in Ayurvedic medicine.

Growing up in a simple and deeply rooted culture, it was instilled in her that living a natural, organic lifestyle and using Ayurvedic medicine, yoga and meditation can all provide positive health benefits, achieving optimal heath, spiritual growth, and emotional well-being. After settling in Canada with her husband, she continued her interest in nature and living a health conscious lifestyle.

In my late 20s, I experienced that my skin was changing. I felt that the skin care products I was using at the time were not beneficial for my skin anymore. So I was looking for suitable skin care products, started researching about skin care ingredients which were best for a skin just began to age. I started reading labels and understanding the ingredients. I was surprised to discover toxic-chemicals, irritant and carcinogenic chemicals, hiding in my skin care products. I did not want to apply products to my sensitive skin that would cause skin irritation, breakouts and adversely interfere with hormones or other natural systems in the body. With a background in nursing, I was aware that some of the skin care ingredients would act as an endocrine disruptor and interfere with hormone activity in the body. So, I turned to natural skin care ingredients and kept researching for years. But it wasn’t until I turned into my own roots; I found a real solution for my skin needs, a holistic solution.

I started studying Ayurveda and its holistic approach, the traditions, and knowledge instilled in me when growing up. So I realized, to be healthy, we need to balance our bodies, mind, and spirit while living in harmony with nature. Also, the medicine is just a part of the healing process. What we eat and drink, our daily routines, it all affects the well-being of body and mind. We cannot treat the skin as a separate entity from the entire body because the healthy and beautiful skin is a part of overall well-being. This all adds up to a holistic approach to life. Seeing and considering things as a whole, a unique, complete and interconnected person with nature.

Along the way, she joined forces with her partner Miyuru: the scientist of Samagra, to further advance this journey to create an effective skin care collection. He is a chemical engineer with a broad spectrum of experience in research and development.

We needed to create processes that preserves the wholeness of the ingredients, a way to maintain the natural chemistry of the herbs and extracts as they exists in nature. After all, it is the holistic approach and we wanted our ingredients and products to be closer to nature, not away from it. So we designed the processes and chose right extraction methods to bring wholesomeness and richness of precious ayurvedic herbs to our skin care products. The holistic approach, however, does not end with the products. It applies to the whole process, starting from sourcing ingredients to final products. Our ingredients are responsibly sourced directly from the farmers and companies around the world.

So was the beginnings of ‘Samagra’, a name derived from the Sanskrit word for wholeness, a high performance and personalized skin care solution based on ayurvedic holistic approach to beauty inside out. Samagra skin care solutions are based on holistic ayurvedic principles, 100% natural and organic skin care products based on pure Ayurvedic herbs, whole plant extracts and nutrient, anti-oxidant rich botanical ingredients and without any harmful chemicals, fragrances, artificial colors or additives.